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The professional team at Rosegate Design sits down with each client to discuss his or her individual needs. This helps to ensure that the client’s money is spent in such a way that it makes the greatest impact on his or her home or commercial space. 

We work with a long list of interior design vendors to put your personal stamp on each and every room we create with you.

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Meet Our Owner

According to Donna Crompton, owner of Rosegate Design, interior design projects are defined as much by emotion or artistic appeal as they are by form or beauty. 

Color, texture, light, and beautiful fabric have always fascinated Donna. These are all characteristics of a great interior design. Donna’s inspiration, passion, and love for design have always been a part of her. 

While Donna’s design aesthetic is eclectic, she loves the purity of modern contemporary design and abstract art.

When she works with clients, Donna sees herself as a conduit for the client’s ideas, preferences, and creations. 
Donna Crompton
The finished product should always reflect the client’s personality and taste. 

In Donna’s opinion, a successful design project results in creating a space that reflects the client’s personal style. Her goal is to turn a room or space into a place that makes the client feel happy, alive, and inspired. 

Thanks to over 25 years of industry experience, Donna strives to deliver an overall presentation that is satisfying to the client. 

Before opening Rosegate Design in West Virginia in 2006, Donna was a co-owner of the firm in Alabama. Her love and passion for design led to an expansion in a new location here, in Charleston. 
Donna’s design experience has been influenced by different people and enhanced by visiting beautiful places. 

Sometimes the inspiration for a great design comes from a renowned talent. Other times, it comes from something simple and unexpected. That’s her favorite part. 

Donna lives in a mostly traditional home in Hurricane, WV. Her husband and four children, ranging in ages from 13 to 25, inspire her designs and her life. 

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